Gifted Psychic & Tarot Card Reader,Psychic,New Britain,CT
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Spiritual Energy Psychic Reading

 My Readings will guide you in all areas of life
Where change is just a phone call away!

  •  Career  Opportunities  &  Promotion

  • Past Present &  Future

  • Reuniting Loved Ones

  • Energy Healing  &  Spiritual Guidance

  • Love, Marriage & Relationships

  • Guidance for Future Goals  &  Desires 

Together we will journey into your past, current and future and find the answers and directions you are looking for.

My readings are extremely indepth. while communicating with my Spirit guides or picking up on your energy I am able to receive information and allow me to reveal what is happing now as well as to what to expect in any aspect of life.  Also allowing me to identify if there are any type of blockages going on energetically or spiritually that can be creating any obstacles

An energy reading is a practice that involves me to use my intuitive abilities to identify energy centers, clarify energy blockages within your energetic field, detect and interpret areas of challenge and opportunity, and generate practical steps and guidance to help you move forward and make empowered decisions.

Spiritual readings, sometimes simular to a psychic readings, where a spiritually-attuned individual helps to bring insight and clarity to a person in need of spiritual guidance.
By using their spiritual guidance, it will help you to receive a deeper understanding spiritually about people, and resources that are currently in the in your life, and how to use the resources to best manifest the desired outcome. Spiritual readings are generally focused on personal transformation, growth, and healing. 

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