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Chakra and Energy Work

energy work

Chakras are seven distinct energy centers along the spine and are located in the front of the body and back and pass through the energy centers in the body through which energy flows.

They begin at the base & finish at the top of the head. Each chakra rotates at different size, speeds the brightness of the wheels will vary with each person’s physical and emotional development, as well as spiritual well-being, energy levels.

Chakras are also associated with spiritual development, evolving and finding purpose and meanings and creates balance to achieve harmony with the mind body and spirit. when chakras are blocked or unbalanced it can manifest as a illness, emotional upset, distress, and also depression.

They can be blocked or unbalance when there is a negative energy, repressed emotions, people and surroundings

Chakra work brings balance back into a person's life to achieve harmony in the mind body and spirit. it involves various techniques such as sound healing, meditation, visualization, spiritual cleansing.



  • Cleanse Aura

  • Connect to your True Self

  • Balance Chakras

  • Remove Blockages

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