Chakra Energy Work

Chakras are the energy centres in our body through which energy flows. The ancient Yogis in India described the energy systems that exist in our subtle bodies or energy fields.  The word Chakras is a Sanskrit word which means wheel. Chakras are colourful spinning ‘wheels’ of energy. The 7 main chakras are aligned along the spine, they start at the base and finish at the top of the head. They are located at the front of the body and the back and pass through the spine. Each chakra rotates at a different speed, the size and brightness of the wheels vary with a person’s development, physical condition, energy levels, disease, or stress. The lower three chakras are associated with meeting your basic needs like food, sex, shelter and money. The 3 upmost are associated with more spiritual pursuits such as, evolving, finding purpose and meaning, and contributing to the world. The purpose of middle chakra (heart chakra) is to balance the lower and upper chakras to achieve harmony in the mind body and spirit. If a chakra becomes unbalanced or blocked it can manifest as illness, or emotional upset or distress, even depression, this allows diseases to develop. They become blocked/unbalanced by negative energy, repressed emotions, from imbibing toxins such as drugs and alcohol and via traumatic experiences.