Gifted Psychic & Tarot Card Reader,Psychic,New Britain,CT
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Spiritual / Psychic Reading

  Focuses on your Vibrational Energy,  this is a complete  Life reading  it  will answer any  Question you may have about yourself or someone around you also telling your past present and future in any aspect  

Tarot Card Reading

Is a ancient tool that has been used by many generations by  in revealing the mysteries of ones life by reviling your Past, Past and Future and current situations that are in your surroundings

Chakra Energy Work

Chakra Balancing working on your Spiritual being This Process will open up your Chakras Sysytem . So that Energy can flow Freely,  Chakras are extremely important  they affect ones Life in every aspect

Reuniting Love

This is a Process that can only be done if the both of you are meant to be, this is not something that can be done against someones free will  with guaranteed results may take anywhere from 7-14 days.

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